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About Us

  Triple H.H.H. is a family owned and operated business. 

The first building you will notice is the Old Dallas Train Depot.  The depot was built in about 1909 in the  Village of Dallas.  It was moved to Triple H.H.H. in the Spring of 1997  Where it was restored by family and friends. It is still a work in progress but not bad for a ninety-eight year old building.  It now serves as a small store and office for Triple H.H.H. Equestrian Center.  

The bunkhouse is the next building you will see.  It was built about the same time as the Depot.  It was used to house coal for the steam engines. Later it was used as a warehouse for Lamperts Lumber.  It was also moved to Triple H.H.H. in the Spring of 1997, where it was completely rebuilt by our family. 

Going west from the bunkhouse you will come to the Triple H.H.H. Hall  It was moved  in the Spring of 1998.  It served the Barron Area School District first as a administration office and then later as classrooms at the high school. 

Looking south from the Hall you will notice a small building with an open porch. We call it the "cook shack." It was moved to Triple H.H.H. in the Fall of 2000.  This building was the former Hillsdale Gas Station.

I am not sure of the exact year the station was built, but I would be willing to bet Model T  cars filled their tanks there. 




The latest building to join the family at Triple H.H.H. is the Cowboy Shack.  It was used as a milk house on the Morris and Donna Lystig farm. We moved it in December of 2005 and it still is a work in progress.  We hope to have it ready for use by the spring of 2007.   







The Triple H.H.H. dome was built in the summer of 1998.  It is a steel arch building.  It is used as an indoor arena and has been used for weddings, parties, and barn dances.  







Triple H.H.H. is a working cattle ranch.  During your visit with us, you will see our herd of beef cattle grazing in the pastures. 






This is just one of the trails at Triple H.H.H.

For our guests, the trails may be used for hiking or mountain biking. 






This bridge is on one of the hiking trails.  It's a fun way to spend a warm summer afternoon.









I Thought this was a fun picture.  The trees are just starting to change color. First few rows of corn had been harvested 









This picture was taken from one of my favorite places on the ranch. 

It shows the stable and the old Dallas Train Depot in the front.  The depot is one of the building we moved in and rebuilt. 

For those interested in the history, the Dallas Depot was built in 1909 in the village of Dallas it was once the home of the Blue Berry Express. 

The Blue Berry was one of the steam engines that use to travel the rail lines between Dallas and Exeland, Wisconsin 

Up close picture of the depot. 

The windmill in the background is restored to original working condition.  It pumps water just like it would have 100 years ago. 




It may have been a hot dry summer but the fall was worth it.






Below are a few photos of our friends enjoying the trails at Triple HHH Equestrian












Triple HHH & 3Bar Tack 
Located: 2 miles East of Hillsdale, Wisconsin
or 8 Miles West of Chetek on "D" to 16 1/2 Street  

For more information Call (715)-458-4107 or


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